Frequently Asked Questions

Q. After my initial investment, what other monies will I have to spend to get started?

A. Your investment provides for training and required equipment and inventory. However, as with any
business you should have access to a certain amount to cover your start-up. Usually this is within 30 to
90 days.

Q. Do I need a truck to carry all the equipment necessary for work?

A. No. However, CGI recommends a minivan or pick-up with topper to provide visual impact and simplify
access to your materials.

Q. Would I have much competition?

A. No. Competition is very limited.

Q. What do car dealers do now with a used car “taken in on trade”?

A. Generally, they send it to a “detail shop” for interior cleaning and exterior washing and polishing.
Detail shops can not redye sun-faded fabric, leather or vinyl materials, nor completely remove bad stains.

Q. Where besides the automotive market can I make Money?

A. Anywhere you will find fabric. Today, besides improving vehicles of all types, Color Glo® offices nationwide
have been authorized as the warranty service agents for national furniture wholesalers and retailers.

Q. What type of profit should I expect?

A. Due to not being overwhelmed with overhead, as in most businesses of today, you will be retaining 75% to
90% of your receipts.

Q. OK. Now what?

A. Check this out today. Although there are a limited number of areas available we feel it is important for you
to have all the facts. Call our franchisees and speak first hand to individuals experiencing the quality and
standard of life you desire. Then call CGI and discuss your interest and market availability with one of our
Market Development Specialists. It’s your future, don’t just spend it watching others succeed.